Years ago when I was a college student, I took a course called ” Communication”. I did realize how important the concept of communication was until I started my practise.

This blog on my website will allow me to introduce a concept regarding taxes, financial planning or a business concept. It will also allow me to introduce you to professionals who I have invited to write about a topic that they have a higher level of knowledge. I believe what you will read in the Blog will prove informative and help you to think about issues and how they pertain to you.

Communication means two or more individuals share thoughts, asking questions and working to resolve problems. It means face to face meetings. One with the questions and the other listening and trying to understand the questions. The listner must must try to comeback with a response and try to ascertain the question is answered to the satisfaction of the one who raised the question.

Today people talk by Email and Text resulting in loss of the human element. I am trying to use this blog to introduce topics and hopefully they are of interest to you. Each perodic topic will have the name and contact information of the contributor so you can follow up with any furthur questions.

It is thru this back and forth exchange that we will learn from one another. If there is a topic of interest to you please let me know.